Buddha statuary and the stupa (Buddhist temple) are both based in the sacred geometry of the cube, sphere and 5-sided pyramid – seen here in their 2-dimensional form.

By passing your mouse over the image above, a separate geometrical underlay reveals itself. This was once known as the 'geometry of the philosopher's stone.' This esoteric blueprint is another seminal discovery revealed for the first time on this web site. It represents an undiscovered sacred geometric encoding method the ancient esoteric adepts of the cosmo-religion. More on this astounding geometric blueprint will be revealed over the next few months. Stay tuned!


There is a direct link between the sacred geometry of the stupa, and that associated with Buddha statuary, and the legendary Amrita, or 'elixir of life.' It is said that the Kalasa (also doubling as an astrological conjunctio symbol) is a container which holds the Amrita. Also, associated with the Buddha's consumption of this Amrita, his 7th chakra becomes mounted with a flame of enhanced consciousness, known as the Jyotis. This knowledge (of the use of Amrita/Soma) was once a major part of Buddhist knowledge, and yet after millennia, although Amrita is still referred to directly in the mythology, esoteric oral traditions, and extant writings, and even mythology, and many yogic disciplines, the knowledge of exactly what it was, and how to make it, has been lost forever . . . until now!

For most Buddhists, and practitioners of yoga traditions, this Amrita is understood incorrectly to have been a metaphor. Among the more knowledgeable, it was believed to be a special substance within — or emanating from – the body. In fact, the human body does contain Amrita in the form of naturally occurring OMMPA materials consumed in our foods. However, the natural levels of these vital quinta essentia (QE) are very low.

We hold that the human body — of a well trained adept — properly trained Yogi, becomes a living alchemical 'menstruum.' Incorrectly understood as a solvent by many since the Renaissance, the alchemical menstruum is in fact the atomic version of planetary conjunctions.

Concentrated OMMPAs within an aqueous solution, create an environment which is conducive to alchemical operations such as multiplication, transmutation, and the production of the 'lapis philosophorum' (Philosopher's Stone). This condition is based (as everything in the universe is) aetheric harmonic and resonant principles. Like the planetary conjunctio, where a planetary alignment blocks or enhances energies from the Sun and planets which affect life on Earth, in the case of atomic and molecular reactions the presence of the OMMPAs (especially in higher concentrations) blocks and/or modifies reactions in an analogous manner.

The stupa 'sacred geometry' (as seen above) which lays behind the yogic Buddha indicates — through a simple and easily recognized symbolism — what Yoga is really all about. It concerns the creation of an internal environment which becomes a menstruum. The many traditional exercises and disciplines embodied in Yoga are designed to enhance the effect of naturally-occurring OMMPAs (aka ORMUS) and the
OMMPA microcluster formations they form in the body.

Once, Amrita was also a regular part of the discipline of the ancient yogis. This truth has been forgotten. These exercise were meant to enhance the effect of the Amrita

here is another level to this esoteric encoding which, until now, remained lost in the hoary past. We now present our readers with another original insight (in fact, a major breakthrough which will be covered in more detail in other places on this web site, soon) which we deliberately hid on this page because we believe that those who seek will find, and we wish to encourage this in our readers (and because we're incorrigibly Hermetic).

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