• ABOUT US Spagyric Arts - Modern Alchemical Solutions from Ancient Sources
  • ALCHEMY REDISCOVERED Discovery of Magi visiting the Great Basin of North America. Alchemy taught to Native Americans. Direct link between Old & New World alchemy & astrology.
  • OMMPA (QE) Explanation of Orbitally Mirrored Metallic Primordial Atoms, aka Ormus, M-State, ORME
  • Astrological Conjunctio Petroglyph panels in the Great Basin often reveal both advanced alchemical nowledge, as well as sophisticated astrological, calendaring. This is a legacy of the ancient Magi whoi visited America anciently.
  • Astrology and Alchemical Operations Illustrated here are three optimal Solar-Lunar-Terran alignments which each offer opportune times for various alcehmical processes to be performed.
  • Churning The Ocean of Milk This ancient 'myth' of the Churning of the Ocean of Milk' is an esoteric story which encodes the science of the Green Dragon elixir.
  • Cup And Groove Alchemy Cupules in Magnesian Limesont, found in rocks which were once part of the Zechstein Sea, are deliberately aliigned to aid in the creation of alchemical substances
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